Stage 2, 12 May, Thursday
Karcag–Hajdúszoboszló (192 km)

Start: 13:30, Karcag, Kossuth square
Estimated finish: 17:45, Hajdúszoboszló, Heroes square
TV (in Hungary): M4Sport (live), Eurosport (highlights)

Stage 2 will follow on Thursday, 12 May. Peloton starts from Karcag, capital of Greater Cumania, from where teams will head north, crossing Lake Tisza, all the way to Tiszaújváros. Then, turning to the south-eastern part they will arrive to Hajdúszoboszló, where the etape ends. The completely flat, 192-km-long stage contains 3 intermediate sprints where riders can collect points and time bonus.

Karcag, capital of Greater Cumania, is very proud of its traditions – they not only keep the values of the past, but also live with them. Tour de Hongrie is a great opportunity for the residents of Karcag, to show themselves to the world. The city will host a start or finish of Tour de Hongrie for the 10th time. First, in 2015, peloton finished a stage here, when Germany’s Manuel Porzner took the victory. This year second stage will start from the city.

Tibor Szepesi,
Mayor of Karcag


In Hajdúszoboszló, which is the third most popular cities and holiday resorts of Hungary in terms of the guests nights, bikes have been important means of transport in the past, however the city became part of the Tour de Hongrie just recent years. Since 2018 the city of Hungary’s biggest spa waters hosted three really memorable finishes: in 2018 Team Novak’s Ukrainian rider, Andriy Brataschuk won, at the end of a successful, long breakaway, a year later after the shortest stage ever Czech Alois Kankovsky took the victory. In 2020 Italy’s Jakub Mareczko began his fantastic series in Hajdúszoboszló.

Gyula Czeglédi,
Mayor of Hajdúszoboszló