Bauhaus is in the yellow jersey again

Victory with photo-finish

We could see a victory with photo-finish at the end of the 142-km-length Stage 3 of Tour de Hongrie, between Veszprém and Tata: Bahrain-Victorious’ German sprinter, Phil Bauhaus won his second stage in Hungary, with his success today he took back the yellow jersey and he is leading the general classification.

Preparations for the start of Tour de Hongrie Stage 3 spent in festive atmosphere, after Attila Valter’s Giro-success, organisers of Tour de Hongrie worn pink ribbons, in order to show how proud they all are. Moreover, pink ribbons were on the cars, too. The huge Hungarian achievement gave strength for the Hungarian riders participating in Tour de Hongrie now.

On Friday peloton traveled between Veszprém and Tata, the length of the route was 142 km, with some hills. In the beginning of the stage there was an attack which formed a breakaway with five riders. The breakaway group took the points at the GPM’s and intermediate sprints.

Poland’s Voster ATS two Polish stars, in the red jersey Maciej Paterski and Patryk Stosz got the most GPM points in Hárskút and Pannonhalma, so around half-time it was known and decided that the red jersey stays at the Polish team.

The attack for a breakaway happened at 20 km, five riders were the head of the race, the two Polish, Spain’s Lozano (Novo Nordisk), Slovenian Jarc (Adria Mobil) and Ferenc Szöllősi (National Team of Hungary). The advantage of the breakaway was less than four minutes, the peloton did not let them farther, however, leaders took the points during the stage.

Stosz was caught by the peloton, the other four riders tried to keep their advantage, but the teams of sprinters changed the speed and caught them as well.

There was a crash just five kilometres before the finish line, five riders were involved, a Hungarian favorite, Erik Fetter (EEOLO-Kometa) was among them unfortunately, but he could continue and finished the stage. After this, in the last few hundred metres, there was another crash, several sprinters were involved, but the winner of Stage 1 was not one of them. Germany’s Phil Bauhaus and the former stage-winner of Tour de France in 2019, Mike Teunissen were fighting for the victory in Tata. The distance between them was so small, so the success was decided by photo-finish. Bahrain-Victorious’ sprinter Bauhaus became the better, so he took back the yellow jersey and the leading in the general classification. Then, he is also leading in the points classification, so the green jersey is his, too.

Paterski is the leader in the climber classification, so he is in the red jersey, the Best Hungarian rider is János Pelikán, who can wear the white jersey.

On 15 May, Saturday, the peloton travels between Balassagyarmat and Gyöngyös-Kékestető, the length of the etape is 202 km. The route contains hills and mountains, the finish will be in the highest point of Hungary. During the stage there will be 2 GPMs (in Mátraháza and Kékestető) and three intermediate sprints (in Szécsény, Mátrafüred and Mátrafüred). The start will be in Balassagyarmat, at Civitas Fortissima Square at 12:40, the finish approximately at 17:43 in Gyöngyös-Kékestető.

Hungary’s national sports channel, M4 Sport considers it a priority to broadcast Tour de Hongrie. This year the sports channel will air 2-hour live coverage each day about Hungary’s Tour, the race also can be followed on the internet at With the help of A.S.O., communication and international media distribution partner of Tour de Hongrie, the race will reach more fans worldwide than ever before, by TV-coverages. Tour de Hongrie can be followed worldwide, live in 150 countries, in each continent, with a technical reach of 800 millions people.

42. Tour de Hongrie
Stage3, Veszprém-Tata (142km):
1. Phil Bauhaus (Bahrain-Victorious) 3:17:30
2. Mike Teunissen (Jumbo-Visma) st
3. Fred Wright (Bahrain-Victorious) st

Overall: 1. (in yellow) Phil Bauhaus (Bahrain-Victorious)
Sprinters classification: 1. (in green) Phil Bauhaus (Bahrain-Victorious)
Mountain classification: 1. (in red) Maciej Paterski (Voster ATS)
Best Hungarian: 1. (in white) Pelikán János (Androni Giocattoli Sidermec)