Entirely Italian Continental team with youngsters

Sangemini MG.K vis Olmo Vega

The cycling brand „Olmo” is truly well-known even in Hungary as years and years ago former Hungarian cyclist, Csaba Szekeres used these bikes during his carreer, then members of the team P-Nívó Betonexpress also achieved several victories by using Olmos. The Italian company has prestigious past and after a short break last year they returned to the international circle as the supporter of the Italian cycling team, Sangemini MG.K vis Olmo Vega. Their special „Zerouno Team Edition”, that they created for their squad, is more than marvelous…

The Italian Continental team was estabished in 2014 and started its 5th season with a victory, Paolo Toto was the winner of the GP Laguna Porec in February. The club’s mission is to provide racing opportunities to young Italian cyclists, so in the team we can find young ones in their age of twenties and few riders with more experience – for example, Paolo Toto, who we mentioned previously, Michele Gazzara and Nicola Gaffurini, who already achieved several pro victories, are all just at the age of 27. They have been members of the club for couple of years now.

According to the multi-day competitions: last year the Sangemini MG.K vis Olmo Vega won the UCI 2.2 category race, the Tour of Albania and also took part in a few more 2.1 and 2,HC category events as well. We are certain that this year in August at the Tour de Hongrie they can be a dominant team.

Riders of the Sangemini MG.K vis Olmo Vega:
Alessandro Baldoni (Italian)
Elia Ciabocco (Italian)
Luca Colnaghi (Italian)
Antonio Di Sante (Italian)
Matteo Draperi (Italian)
Nicola Gaffurini (Italian)
Michele Gazzara (Italian)
Geremia Goffi (Italian)
Alessandro Marinozzi (Italian)
Dario Puccioni (Italian)
Niccolo Salvietti (Italian)
Michele Scartezzini (Italian)
Andrea Tomassini (Italian)
Paolo Toto (Italian)
Attilio Viviani (Italian)

This year Tour de Hongrie, Hungary’s biggest cycling race, will be held between 14-19 August. During the six days, by reaching ten different counties and biking 800 km 20 teams will compete, every team can enter seven riders. The event starts with a prologue in Siófok, then the route is: Balatonalmádi, Keszthely, Velence, Székesfehérvár, Cegléd, Hajdúszoboszló, Karcag, Miskolc, then the final stage in Budapest, capital city of Hungary.

Teams of Tour de Hongrie

Team Differdange-Losch (LUX)
Pardus-Tufo Prostejov