Fabio Jakobsen won the second stage

Jens Reynders in the yellow

Fabio Jakobsen from the Netherlands won Stage 2 of Tour de Hongrie, peloton travelled 192km between Karcag and Hajdúszoboszló in windy and sunny weather, just before the finish line several riders were involved in a crash. Belgian Jens Reynders are leading the general classification

Stage 2 of Tour de Hongrie departed today from Karcag in sunny weather. The Hungarian champion, Viktor Filutás was among the participants, he was involved in a crash on Wednesday, despite of his injuries he continued the race.

The Hungarian rider of Adria Mobil was taken to the hospital yesterday, after the finish. The examinations showed no fractures, doctors did not advise him to continue, however Viktor Filutás is an athlete who does not give up easily, so he presented in the start on Thursday morning.

The peloton racing in a plain route had to fight against the hot weather and the windy conditions. We did not have to wait a lot for the first attacks, however teams did not allow the attackers to get advantage.

Then a group of eight riders attacked successfully, a breakaway could leave the peloton with an advantage. Team Novo Nordisk's Olympian, Hungary's 37-year-old rider, Péter Kusztor, four Italians, one Slovenian, a Portuguese and a Belgian riders formed the leading group. The lattest one was Jens Reynders, who was wearing the green jersey today. He was in the special jersey, however Olav Kooij was the leader of the points classification - the Dutch rider of Jumbo-Visma cannot wear both special jerseys at the same time.

Reynders took his chance, he won the intermediate sprints in Tiszafüred and Tiszaújváros, with the time bonuses at this point of the stage he virtually became the leader of the general classification. However, we had so much time to go...

The breakaway was caught by the peloton 50km before the finish and the bunch was together. The huge wind did not help the riders, front of the race changed the speed and peloton did not stay together.

In the first group there were four Hungarians, Márton Dina, Ádám Karl, Márton Solymosi and Dávid D. Kovács. Belgium's Reynders could not go with them.

The intermediate sprint in Kemecse was won by the Olympic champion, Viviani, with the 3 sec time bonus he approached Olav Kooij in the general classification.

During the last kilometres the bunch was together again, so peloton was heading toward the stage-victory as one in Hajdúszoboszló. They arrived to the bath-city with huge speed, they were on their way to the finish line when in the straight a huge crash happened.
The Wolfpack was leading the sprint, their Dutch star, Fabio Jakobsen took the stage-victory ahead of French Rudy Barbier and Belgian Sasha Weemaes.
"Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose... During the past few weeks I did not compete much, I needed to find my shape. Today this was a real teamwork, at the end my teammates created great opportunity for me" - said Jakobsen who won the points classification of Vuelta a Espana last year, in 2022 this was his 7th victory.

Belgium's Jens Reynders is leading the general classification, on Friday it will not be easy for him to defend the yellow jersey. Stage 3 of Tour de Hongrie will travel between Sárospatak and Nyíregyháza, 154km awaits for the peloton on Friday.