Fantastic Hungarians in the main stage!

Neilands probably won the Tour

The current leader of the general classification of Tour de Hongrie, Krists Neilands won the „king etape” in Kékestető, after him two Hungarian favourites, Márton Dina and Attila Valter arrived to the finish in podium positions. Before the last stage this is the order also in the GC.

(Photos: Zoltán, Pertorini Márió, Halmágyi Zsolt, Tuba Zoltán)

Hungarians have been waiting for this day, a day when we have a talent, who can make a difference in a mountain hills, who can be a dangerous rival internationally. As for today, Hungary has two great heros: Márton Dina (Spain’s Kometa Cycling Team) and Attila Valter (Poland’s CCC Development). Both of them performed amazingly on Saturday.

The 4th stage of Tour de Hongrie started in a very hot and dry weather, at the start in Karcag there was 35 Celsius. The length of the etape was 138 km. There were several attacks in the beginning but none of them succeeded, the peloton stayed together but in Poroszló, after 45 km a three riders could be in a breakaway: Dániel Móricz (Pannon Cycling Team) was involved and won 2 intermediate sprints as well during the 70 km.

The climbing onto the mountains started at Parádsasvár, where some things changed. In the mountains Androni Giocattoli’s secret favourite, Colombia’s Munoz attacked, then Kometa Cycling Team’s Spanish Lopez, after these two the current leader, Neilands and two Hungarians, Márton Dina and Attila Valter were also in good positions.

For the last 1,5 km only three cyclists were in the front, Munoz And Lopez could not keep the spped in the hills. Attila Valter and Márton Dina also tried to attack however, this year’s Giro d’Italia participant, Neilands were able to be the best and he could start the last and final attack which succeeded.

First it seemed that Hungary’s would not be in the front but during the last kilometres both did a great job, Márton Dina came 2nd and Attila Valter 3rd.

Probably Krists Neilands won the general classification before the last stage, between Kecskemét – Székesfehérvár, it will not be a difficult one tomorrow. The 2nd in the general classification is Márton Dina – he wears the white jersey for the best Hungarian rider -, the 3rd place went to Attila Valter.

These results for Hungarian are more than brilliant. The country has been waiting for these for a long time.

The red jersey was decided in the climber classification, Neilands, Latvia’s star won it – there will not be any mountain sprints tomorrow. The green is on Neilands as well however in the last stage many rivals can fight for it. The finish in Székesfehérvár will be very exciting.