How and where can you follow Tour de Hongrie?

Guide for fans

This year’s Tour de Hongrie can be followed and watched in 195 countries, so fans all over the six continents will be updated regarding the actual happenings of Hungary’s biggest cycling race. This unique achievement is realized thank to the collaboration of the Vuelta Sportiroda (organizer of the Tour de Hongrie) and the world-wide famous company, A.S.O. (Amaury Sport Organization). Now we have collected the most important information and facts regarding the broadcast and streams of Tour de Hongrie:

  • In Hungary each day there will be a 2-hour live broadcast on M4 Sport (Hungary's national sports channel).

  • In 192 countries every evening a 60-min report about the actual stage and after each stage also a one-hour report - this means minimum seven hours when TDH appears on TV screens.

  • In further 3 countries there are going to be 60-min report about the race (6 stages) and in more than 100 countries (e.g. France, Croatia, South Africa or Singapore) TDH can be followed on 2-3 TV channels.

The following channels will have TDH on their screens:

  • EUROPE (54 countries): M4 Sport, Eurosport 2, L'Equipe, CT Sport, Eir Sports, SPTV, Nova Sports,  Sport Klub, Fox Europe

  • AFRICA and Eastern countries (77 countries): Star Times, Supersport Africa, Fox Sports Africa, Beln Sport, OSN

  • NORTH-AMERICA and Carribean (29 countries): Flow Sports, RDS

  • SOUTH-AMERICA (17 countries): Claro Sport

  • ASIA (18 countries): Eurosport Asia Pacific, J Sport, Starhub, Sky Sport

Full list can be found: CLICK HERE!

In Hungary in the history of Tour de Hongrie this year for the third time fans can watch the happening of TDH on live broadcasts, Eurosport 2 will stream a 60-min report about the stages for the 1st time, Hungary's M4Sport will broadcast live the event and on the internet ( there are going to be live stream.

Fans can follow the happenings on the social media, too: