Hungary is ready for Giro d’Italia!

Tour de Hongrie – ASO-delegate

Based on the experience of this year’s Tour de Hongrie, which ended on Sunday last week, it can be declared that Hungary is ready for the Grande Partenza 2020, start of Giro d’Italia – said the delegate of Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO).

(Photos: Zoltán, Pertorini Márió, Halmágyi Zsolt, Tuba Zoltán, Fraunholcz Attila)

Vincent Renault has been working at Eurosport for 20 years and also worked at 16 Grand Tours (12 Tour de France, 4 Giro d’Italia). He highlighted: he was impressed by the organization of Hungary’s biggest cycling race. He mentioned several facts, for example the crowd, all those, lots of people, schools, families by the roads, supporting the cyclists.

„Based on this year’s Tour de Hongrie, the country is ready for the Giro” – said the expert who felt that Hungarian people love cycling, even if world start did not attend the race. However, the atmosphere was similar to the Tour’s or Giro’s. „In Kékestető i felt like if i were in the Tourmalet, the atmosphere was awesome.”

Then he continued that he is certain the organiser of Giro, RCS Sport,is definitely satisfied with the decision they made not long ago regarding the Hungarian Grande Partenza. Giro will be a huge step forward for the country’s cycling, and if the first 3 stages in Hungary will be successful, then it is absolutely not impossible to have the start of Tour de France in the country soon.

Vincent Renault with Attila Valter

The cycling expert spoke with the GC 3rd Hungarian talent Attila Valter after the main stage when the rider said to him: the etape in the mountain was one of his most memorable experience and the atmosphere was incredible, he is sure he will return to compete in the race again.

Renault mention that even if world star, World Tour riders did not attend the event, the peloton of Tour de Hongrie, UCI 2.1 race, is stronger and stronger year by year. Moving forward step by step – this is important and probably in few years World Tour teams may compete in Hungary.

„If we see the former winners, year after year better and stronger riders were here and could win. I am sure top cyclists will arrive in few years.” As he said, several part of the race were perfectly organized.

This year Tour de Hongrie and the Dauphiné were in the same time, so it would not have been easy to invite world stars to compete in 2019, the UCI calendar is busy and full, however, in his opinion, if the race was just a week before the national championships, it would be an excellent preparation for everybody.

He also talked about Hungarian talents he noticed during the Tour de Hongire, in the Kometa, team of Alberto Contador or in Hungary’s Pannon Cycling. Last year Attila Valter and Márton Dina were racing in the country’s team, now they are members of Kometa and CCC Development Team. According to Valter, he noted that Hungary’s race was his 5th multi-day-event where he could be on the podium.

„In my opinion he should stay 1-2 years more at the CCC Development Team, he is really young, he has plenty of time. He had a huge pressure on his shoulders this week, was in the focus of media.” He added that the future for Valter certainly will be really bright and successful, if he is doing what he can, step by step. As an example he mentioned Froome who became a professional cyclist at the age of 22. Finally Renault said it is definitely not impossible to see this year’s TDH medalists among or around the top10 at the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia or Vuelta a Espana.

Sourse: Hungarian News Agency (MTI), Peter Lengyel