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Jordi Meeus: Stage-victory, yellow jersey

Spectacular sprint-finish in Nagykanizsa

Hungary’s János Pelikán was in the breakaway of the day with six other riders through 170 km, but head of the race could not make it until Nagykanizsa, finally the stage ended in a bunch-sprint: Belgium’s Jordi Meeus became the winner in Nagykanizsa, after his success today he is the leader in the general classification. János Pelikán made several efforts today during the stage, after the finish he became the Best Hungarian and with his result he is wearing the white jersey now.

On Thursday the peloton traveled between Balatonfüred and Nagykanizsa, the length of the etape was 183 km. It was a little hilly, but mainly plain route. During the stage there were 2 GPMs (in Balatonszőlős and Vigántpetend) and three intermediate sprints (Tapolca, Hévíz and Zalakaros). Moreover, the 2 GPMs were in the beginning of the stage, so those who are fighting for the red jersey, went ahed early and it became the „breakaway of the day”.

The seven riders in the breakaway were Hungary’ János Pelikán (Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec), two Polish – Maciej Paterski (Voster ATS) and Pawel Bernas (Mazowsze Serce Polski) –, two Spanish – Sergio Roman Martin Galan (Caja Rural-Seguros) and Diego Pablo Sevilla (EOLO-Kometa) –, Italy’s Emanuele Onesti (Giotti Victoria Savini Due) and Danish Alexander Kamp (TREK-Segafredo).

Paterski – whose team mate, Poland’s Stosz were in the red jersey during Stage 2 – won both GPMs, so he became the leader in the climber classification after today.

The gap between the breakaway and the peloton were increasing after the two GPMs, the maximum gap was 6,5 minutes, around Mencshely. However, after this point, the gap started to decrease between the head of the race and the peloton.

János Pelikán was able to be in the leading group, he also won an intermediate sprint today, but close to Nagykanizsa, peloton changed the speed. Just minutes before the finish in Nagykanizsa we could see how the defending champion of Tour de Hongrie, Attila Valter, made history again in Giro d’Italia, after a brilliant performance, he took the lead in the Giro’s general classification and now he is wearing the legendary maglia rosa.

The sky was very cloudy all day today, but at the end of the stage we could even see the sun, after this historical, amazing day of Hungarian cycling. Moreover, Attila, the leader in the general classification in the Giro d’Italia sent some words in Hungarian to all the fan sin Hungary. He said: „Go, Tour de Hongrie!”

During these magical moments, the breakaway was of four riders, János Pelikán tried to lead, but the teams of the sprinters caught them, and the bunch-sprint started.

The route, the last kilometres to the finish line were really technical, the peloton arrived with huge speed, and the last part of it was very tricky, as the last 300 m was a little bit hilly.

There were some crashes before the finish, but the sprinters were not involved, so they were fighting for the victory. BORA- hansgrohe’s star, Belgian Jordi Meeus became the fastest and the winner of the stage, he was followed by Italy’s sprinter Alberto Daniese from Team DSM and German Phil Bauhaus (Bahrain-Victorious), who was in the yellow jersey today. Meeus – who was third in Stage 1 – took the lead in the general classification and also the yellow jersey, the efforts of János Pelikán paid off, because of the points he got at the sprints, he is leading the classification of the Best Hungarian, so he is in the white jersey now.

On 14 May, Friday, the peloton travels between Veszprém and Tata, the length of the etape is 142 km. The route is going to be a little hilly. During the stage there will be 2 GPMs (in Hárskút and Pannonhalma) and two intermediate sprints (in Zirc and Oroszlány). The start will be in Veszprém, at Óváros Square at 14:30, the finish approximately at 17:44 in Tata, Május 1 Avenue.

Hungary’s national sports channel, M4 Sport considers it a priority to broadcast Tour de Hongrie. This year the sports channel will air 2-hour live coverage each day about Hungary’s Tour, the race also can be followed on the internet at With the help of A.S.O., communication and international media distribution partner of Tour de Hongrie, the race will reach more fans worldwide than ever before, by TV-coverages. Tour de Hongrie can be followed worldwide, live in 150 countries, in each continent, with a technical reach of 800 millions people.

42. Tour de Hongrie
Stage2, Balatonfüred-Nagykanizsa (183km):
1. Jordi Meeus (BORA-hansgrohe) 4:03:55
2. Alberto Daniese (Team DSM) st
3. Phil Bauhaus (Bahrain-Victorious) st

Overall classification:
1. (in yellow) Jordi Meeus (BORA-hansgrohe)
2. Phil Bauhaus (Bahrain-Victorious) st
3. Maciej Paterski (Voster ATS) +0.06

Sprint classification: 1. (in green) Jordi Meeus (BORA-hansgrohe)
Mountain classification: 1. (in red) Maciej Paterski (Voster ATS)
Best Hungarian: 1. (in white) Pelikán János (Androni Giocattoli Sidermec)