Kometa Cycling Team wants to make a difference

Press conference

Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso, two legends of cycling hopes for a brilliant and successful performance of their squad, Kometa Cycling Team in Tour de Hongrie.

Photos: Vanik Zoltán

Before the 1st stage of Tour de Hongrie, a press conference was held in the city of Velence, where the sport director of Kometa Cycling Team, Ivan Basso declared: in Hungary the - possible - strongest riders are participating, and the prologue was great for them yesterday as 5 of their cyclists were in the top 20, Hungary’s favourite, Marton Dina took the 14th place.

„It is so good to see that the young riders are doing everything they can and always do 100%, it shows us that this week will be good” – started the Italian hero who hopes Hungary’s biggest cycling race will be a good one for them. Ivan Basso said they are very satisfied with the new member of the team, Hungarian Marton Dina.

Currently he is wearing the white jersey. Ivan Basso also mentioned that he really enjoys the other events during the race as it develops their team and also Hungarian cycling as well. „It is awesome, few years ago people could watch me on TV while competing in the Giro d’Italia and now i can bike with them, meet with these people.”.

The other legend, Spain’s Alberto Contador started with some nice memories from last year when Matteo Moschetti could won a stage and were twice on the podium, so he is absolutely happy to return to Hungary.

„We have a new and young team but with big ambitions” – said Contador. Contador also confirmed that there is a chance for them to compete next year as a Hungarian team, as a pro continental one in the Giro d’Italia which will depart from Budapest..

„We are working on it, it is a hard work but absolutely not impossible. We would also like to have more Hungarians in our team so further possibilities to join us will be available.” He added: they are building their team step by step, from the base.

Karoly Eisenkrammer, president of the LOC of Tour de Hongrie said even if now he is responsible for the race, he were a cyclist and he is dreaming as a cyclist about the sport. He added the presence of Kometa is really important and unique for the Hungarian youngsters and Basso and Contador have key role in this.

Source: Hungarian News Agency (MTI), Péter Lengyel