Krisztián Lovassy: brilliant start-finish victory

Half stage, total success

London Olympic Games’ participant, Krisztián Lovassy won the 1st half etape – 115 km - of Tour de Hongrie’s 3rd stage between Kazincbarcika and Tiszafüred.

(Photos: Zoltán, Pertorini Márió, Halmágyi Zsolt, Tuba Zoltán)

After the start in Kazincbarcika there was a sprint which was won by Miklós Szabó (Pannon Cycling Team) and after this Hungarians’ successful series were continuing.

We did not have to wait a lot for the first breakaway, where we were able to find familiar faces: there were 5 riders in it, Krisztián Lovassy (National Team of Hungary), Balázs Rózsa (Differdange-GeBa) – they were in a breakaway also in the 1st stage - , Slovenia’s Katrasnik (Adria Mobil), Polish Aniolowski (CCC Development Team) and Czech Otruba (Elkov-Author). The plan of the breakaway succeeded: the peloton let them to lead and the time gap between the leaders and the peloton was more than 4 minutes.

From the breakaway Balázs Rózsa could not keep the speed so peloton caught him but the group of Krisztián Lovassy did an excellent job in the front. Finally, the 4 of them were fighting for the victory, in a sprint, where the cyclist of Epronex-Bss Oil Team, now representing Team Hungary, Krisztián Lovassy took the victory. Poland’s Aniolowski came 2nd.

This was a huge and amazing victory for Hungary, Sándor Szalontay could win from Hungarians for the last time, in 2016, the prologue in Szombathely with the quickest time. The last stage-victory for the country happened in 2006 by Csaba Szekeres between Bükkszentlászló and Bükkszentkereszt.

We are hoping for further great Hungarian success, even in the afternoon, the 2nd part of stage 3 continues soon between Tiszafüred and Hajdúszoboszló with 77 km.


Stage 3a. Kazincbarcika-Tiszafüred (117 km):
1. Lovassy Krisztián (Hungary) 2:33:21
2  Stanislaw Aniolkowski (Polish, CCC Development Team) st
3. Gasper Katrasnik (Slovenian, Adria Mobil) st
4. Jakub Otruba (Czech, Elkov-Author) ai
5. Filippo Fortin (Italian, Cofidis) +4:04
6. Karl Ádám (Hungary)
12. Móricz Dániel (Hungarian, Pannon Cycling Team) st
17. Orosz Gergő (Hungarian, Pannon Cycling Team) st