Latvian victory in Miskolc

Krists Neilands in yellow

Latvia's national champion, Krists Neilands won the 2nd stage of Tour de Hongrie and after his success he took the lead in the general classification so he owns the yellow jersey. Regarding Hungarians, Márton Dina was 6th and Attila Valter 10th.

(Photos: Zoltán, Pertorini Márió, Halmágyi Zsolt, Tuba Zoltán)

The 2nd etape of Tour de Hongrie was held on Thursday between Balassagyarmat and Miskolc, with 201 km and 2 harder hills.

The stage started with a breakaway, 4 cyclists attacked: Czech Zahalka (Elkov-Author), Swedish Eriksson (Team Coop), Belgian Deruette (Differdange-GeBa) and Slovenian Bozic (Adria Mobil) took the lead. Bozic did amazing job it was incredible as yesterday he was also in a breakaway accross 150 km.

However the sprints in the mountains were important for the rider of Adria Mobil, so he collected the most points which means he could have been awarded by the red jersey - virtually.

The peloton led the leaders to be in the front until 160 km, then in the top of Bükkszentkereszt they reached the breakaway. The real fight for the stage victory started here.

Latvian champion, 2nd in the general classification, Krists Neilands (Israel Cycling Academy) - who could almost win the prologue - attacked, the current leader Androni's Manuel Belletti helped him a bit on the hill. This was better for Neilands. They could reach a gap, a big advantage that could last until the finish. Finally, no further cooperations happened so there was Latvian victory.

In the chasing group there was a crash just before few hundred metres from the finish. The 2nd place went to Denmark's Bendixen (Team Coop) with 1 min disadvantage, Androni-Giocattoli-Sidermec's Frapporti took the 3rd place. Zahalka finally got the 4th position.

Today was also a wonderful day for Hungarians. Márton Dina (Kometa Cycling) was 6th, he is still the best Hungarian, Attila Valter was 10th, morover 2 cyclists of Pannon Cycling Team Viktor Filutas and Erik Fetter also reached good positions.

There were few changes after today's stage. Participant of this year's Giro d'Italia, Neilands took the lead in the general classification so he wears the yellow jersey, Belletti and Bendixen follow him. The Italian star was the loser of the day, he lost the yellow and green jersey as well. Green went to Bendixen. The red jersey can be worn by Neilands who collected enough points in the last mountain sprint.

Latvian star is leading with more than one minute. Friday will be an interesting and exciting stage with 2 half etapes between Kazincbarcika and Tiszafüred then Tiszafüred and Hajdúszoboszló. Probably it will be the day of sprinters again.