Pay attention to the orange team!

CCC Development Team

We can be sure: probably the biggest attention will be on the Polish star team, CCC Development Team in 2019 during the Tour de Hongrie.

Photos: Szymon Sikora

CCC took part in Hungary’s biggest cycling race last year for the very first time and by 2019 they got the UCI World Tour license, too. Poland’s squad did not let their young talents to go away so they established the professional continental CCC Development Team which is going to have such a huge attention from us this year. What is the reason?! Well, the main one is that our Hungarian talent, Attila Valter is among the cyclists of CCC for the 2019 season.

Moreover, he has been really successful this year so far: in February he was 3rd in Turkey at the Tour of Antalya, in March he won a stage and became 2nd in the general classification of the Istrian Spring Trophy, then, in April he was the winner of the white jersey (best youngest rider) and got the overall 3rd place in Serbia, at Belgrade-Banja Luka. Each cyclist dreams about such a wonderful debut like this…

Well, let’s go back to 2018 when CCC visited Hungary and our race for the very first time. That time Attila Valter was racing for the Hungarian Pannon Cycling Team. Pannon tried to get main role during the stages, they were members of lots of breakaways, then Marton Dina was fighting for the red jersey (climber classification) as well. Anyway, the red jersey was worn by CCC’s Patryk Stosz. What happened on the highest point of the race, in Bükkszentkereszt? Attila Valter defeated everyone – he baceme the biggest rival of Stosz. The rest of the stage was very exciting, with spectacular fights and attacks, but finally the Polish won.

This „show" had a brilliant end, just like in dreams: the great Hungarian drew the attention on himself and in 2019 he is racing as the team mate of Stosz in the CCC.

Beside him the squad has 10 Polish and one Taiwan cyclists. The most experienced one is the 24-year-old Stosz and Piotr Brozyna, but the average age in rather closer to 20 – 3 riders are at the age of 19 and other 3 are at 20.

CCC Development Team’ s single victory was reached by Attila Valter, but the several top10 results show the young talents are really motivated and for everyone it is such an attractive opportunity being close to the World Tour Team of CCC…

Valter Attila

Tour de Hongrie, with its 890 km will start on 11 June, the UCI 2.1 race will finish on 16 June. 140 riders from 20 teams during 6 days are going to compete in Hungary.

Teams of Tour de Hongrie in 2019

Cofidis (FRA)
Androni-Giocattoli Sidermec (ITA)
Israel Cycling Academy (ISR)
Neri Sottoli-Selle Italia-KTM (ITA)
Tarteletto-Isorex (BEL)
EvoPro Racing (IRL)
Bike Aid (GER)
Team Coop (NOR)
Dukla Banská Bystrica (SVK)
Team BridgeLane (AUS)
Differdange-GeBa (LUX)
Sparta Praha (CZE)