The help is back, Bike Aid returns!

Bike Aid

The Bike Aid, German Continental cycling team is such a unique one. Among its riders we can find competitors from Eritrea, Kenya, Uganda, the Netherlands and of course, from Germany. They are usual participants of the international races and Hungarian fans will be able to welcome them soon as they return to the Tour de Hongrie which starts on 14 August. The team was founded with a serious, generous mission, and its cyclists always reach this goal…

“The Bike Aid is a very special cycling community which was established in 2005, in Germany as a non-profit organization. They have more than six hundred members, staff and sponsors, so Bike Aid is one of Germany’s most active and biggest communities. What Bike Aid really means? Well, the united experience of cycling, nature and social commitment” – as their official website presents the team. This wonderful community – until the moment when this article is published – so far has collected 684.000 EUR donation which was used for special aims. Anyway, this huge amount is almost 400.000 EUR more than they had last year this time…

The thirty-five-year-old Timo Schäfer can be the captain of Bike Aid again, however, he is not the eldest in the squad. Matthias Schnapka is going to be thirty-eight during this year’s TDH. In 2017 Eritrea’s Meron Teshome, African Time Trial Champion, 4-times winner of Tour of Eritrea, competed at Tour de Hongrie, he was 2nd on the final stage in Budapest, in the Hungarian cities, Cegled and Miskolc, he finished in the top 10 as well.

They have another great sprinter, Timo Thömel, who achieved eleven stage victories in the tours of South-Korea, Taiwan, China, France and in Poland, too. So as Lucas Carstensen, who is the new member of Bike Aid and this year has reached two etap wins. According to the overall, general classifications, the German team has strong names as well, for example the winner of the Tour of Cameroon, Nikodemus Holler or the Dutch Adne van Angelen, who was in the top 10 in the races of Thailand, Egypt and Cameroon and in 2016 at the Tour de Hongrie was 6th in the overall ranking.

Riders of Bike Aid:
Meron Abraham (Eritrean)
Daniel Bichlmann (German)
Lucas Carstensen (German)
Nikodemus Holler (German)
Charles Kagimu (Ugandan)
Suleiman Kangandi (Kenyan)
Salim Kipkemboi (Kenyan)
Geoffrey Kiprotich Langat (Kenyan)
Patrick Lechner (German)
Timo Schafer (German)
Matthias Schnapka (German)
Meron Teshome (Eritrean)
Tino Thömel (German)
Adne van Engelen (Dutch)

This year Tour de Hongrie, Hungary’s biggest cycling race, will be held between 14-19 August. During the six days, by reaching ten different counties and biking 800 km 20 teams will compete, every team can enter seven riders. The event starts with a prologue in Siófok, then the route is: Balatonalmádi, Keszthely, Velence, Székesfehérvár, Cegléd, Hajdúszoboszló, Karcag, Miskolc, then the final stage in Budapest, capital city of Hungary.

Teams of Tour de Hongrie:

Team Differdange-Losch (LUX)
Pardus-Tufo Prostejov (CZE)
Sangemini MG.K vis Olmo Vega (ITA)
Team Novo Nordisk (USA)
Holdsworth Pro Racing (IRE)
Ljubljana Gusto Xaurum (SLO)
Dukla Banská Bystrica (SVK)