The Tour de France may help!

Ahead of a prestigious cooperation

The Organizing Committee of the Tour de Hongrie is ahead of a very prestigious cooperation: the LOC is certainly going to co-work with the most successful company in cycling. The organisers of the world’s biggest sport event will help to reach the aims what LOC of Tour de Hongrie is setting to reach.

Fotók: Tour de Hongrie/Halmágyi Zsolt

Two representatives of A.S.O. (Amaury Sport Organization which organizes for example the Tour de France) were in the Hungarian capital, Budapest on Tuesday and Wednesday. Cédric Rampelberg, A.S.O. Director of Sales of Media Rights and Florent Delevacque, Media Coordination and Production project manager of A.S.O. were having meetings in Budapest with Máriusz Révész, Government Commissioner Responsible for Cycling and Active Recreation, Peter Princzinger Dr., President of the Hungarian Cycling Federation, Dávid Székely, Director of M4 Sport (Hungarian sports channel) and Károly Eisenkrammer, President of the LOC of Tour de Hongrie.

„One of our task and goal is to strengthen the international media presences of TDH – said Károly Eisenkrammer, President of the LOC. – Our event is a 2.1 category race in 2018, with the help of the Hungarian Government we are having the necessary budget to ensure the outstanding international media backgroud. We were searching a partner for this and we could not have found a better one than the organiser of cycling’s most important race, OC of Tour de France, the A.S.O. We are still having a few questions which must be discussed in the coming days but we can certainly declare: cooperation is starting with the French company. In the meantime, as we are ahead of a great collaboration with one of the world’s most prestigious sport and media company, we would like to grant the chance to the whole Hungarian cycling.”

Regarding the parts where A.S.O. can help, to promote the Tour de Hongrie internationally, Cédric Rampelberg had a wonderful presentation. His company year by year, lures around 25 million fans next to the roads, his races are watched on TV by more than five billion people, the company owns the 65% of UCI World Tour’s TV broadcasts. With the cooperation, the company will send news and information about Tour de Hongrie to international, regional and national TV channels, news agencies and to websites all around the world. According to the plans, with the connections of A.S.O., fans can watch the race on Eurosport – not only just in Europe. In Asia there will be 45 min summaries.

Rampelberg also highlighted that the appearance on Eurosport strengthen the country’s image and it can be increased by advertisements. Regarding the improvement of a „new” race he said the example of the Australian Tour Down Under: the year’s 1st World-Tour race became the partner of the A.S.O. in 2011, between 2011 and 2018 huge increase was achieved with the help of the French company: in live streams: 200%, in the number of people hey reached: 182%. In terms of the Tour de Hongrie probably much bigger and more spectacular increase can be done, as the international presence of the TDH so far was not too significant because the race was not a big one. Until now.

The affected parties also discussed the possibility to start the Tour de Hongrie once in the future in Hungary.

“We already joined an initiative of Tour de France, which emphasizes that car drivers must keep the 1,5 m distance when bypassing cyclists. The modification of transport rules is in progress – said Máriusz Révész Government Commissioner. – The Hungarian Government strongly supports cycling, its development, we support the Tour de Hongrie and the Federation as well, in the future we are building velodromes. We would like to improve the cycling “traffic morale” in the coming years, to develop the cycling roads, to make it better, the French example is what we would like to follow. All these are necessary if we want to host such a prestigious event as the start of Tour de France.”

During the meetings it was mentioned that the organisers of the Tour de France are planning to have the start in a foreign country every second year. So, the next time can be 2021 for Hungary. The “Grand Depart” has very huge interest so in this question the two, French and Hungarian parties will have further discussions...

What is the A.S.O.?

The Amaury Sport Organisation is one of the biggest sports event organiser company in the world, year after year it has such outstanding events as Tour de France, Vuelta a Espana, 2 famous 3-week long cycling tours, the Dakar Rally, the Football Ballon d’Or, the Le Tour Voile in sailing, the Marathon of Paris and the gold event, Lacoste Ladies Open de France. The A.S.O. each year, in 21 countries, during 250 days, hosts 70 events, moreover, it is part of the Amaury Group, which owns for example the French daily sports newspaper, the world-wide popular L’Equipe.

What is the Tour de Hongrie?

The biggest Hungarian cycling event. It was organized first in 1925, in 2018 it is going to be a 2.1 category UCI event. The race will take place between 14-19 August, during 6 days 800km are waiting for the competitors.