They are changing the world

Team Novo Nordisk

In our series which focuses on the teams taking part in the 2018 Tour de Hongrie, starts on 14 August, our 4th squad in the spotlight is a very unique and special Pro-Continental team. The U.S. Team Novo Nordisk could compete in several World Tour events in 2017 and its cyclists performed great on the highest level - even though the members of the team are all diabetics.

The Novo Nordisk has a truly exceptional mission in the world of professional cycling: their aim is to show to every diabetic person that they are able to live a complete, normal life, even as a professional athlete. They prove it with their own example. It is such an international team, in 2018 they are having four French, two-two Australian, Dutch, Italian and one-one British, Finish, Spanish, Argentinean and Canadian riders.

The team also has a little „Hungarian involvement”, too: in 2011 and 2012 Hungary’s World Championships silver medalist, Laszlo Bodrogi competed in this team, that time it was known as „Team Type 1”. They changed their name to Team Novo Nordisk in 2013 and still use this one. According to the cyclists, former team mates of Laszlo Bodrogi, the Spanish David Lozano and the Australian Fabio Calabria have been competing here since then.

The squad’s mission is that everywhere they go in the world cyclists meet with diabetic people and show them how amazing and special things they are able to reach or do – regardless of their illness. We can declare: members of the U.S. professional team change the world, wherever they are, in Norway, Dubai, in the United States or even in Hungary. The club has one of the most popular social media sites in cycling, they have more than seven and half million followers on Facebook.

„All the cyclists of Team Novo Nordisk are diabetic, just like You! „ – they spread this all around the world and they also bring something with themselves. Recently, in Croatia they told a story and showed a cartoon about a Japanese boy, who was inspired by the cyclists of Novo Nordisk and who decided to make his own dreams come true…

Riders of Team Novo Nordisk:
Mehdi Benhamouda (French)
Sam Brand (British)
Fabio Calabria (Australian)
Stephen Clancy (Irish)
Romain Gioux (French)
Joonas Henttala (Finish)
Brian Kamstra (Dutch)
David Lozano (Spanish)
Reid McClure (Canadian)
Emanuel Mini (Argentinean)
Andrea Peron (Italian)
Charles Planet (French)
Umberto Poli (Italian)
Quentin Valognes (French)
Rik van Ijzendoorn (Dutch)
Christopher Williams (Australian)

This year Tour de Hongrie, Hungary’s biggest cycling race, will be held between 14-19 August. During the six days, by reaching ten different counties and biking 800 km 20 teams will compete, every team can enter seven riders. The event starts with a prologue in Siófok, then the route is: Balatonalmádi, Keszthely, Velence, Székesfehérvár, Cegléd, Hajdúszoboszló, Karcag, Miskolc, then the final stage in Budapest, capital city of Hungary.

Teams of Tour de Hongrie

Team Differdange-Losch (LUX)
Pardus-Tufo Prostejov (CZE)
Sangemini MG.K vis Olmo Vega (ITA)