This team cannot be missing!

Team Differdange-Losch

We are now pleased to launch a new series which is going to focus on the teams taking part in the 2018 Tour de Hongrie starts on 14 August. Our very first squad in the „spotlight” is the Team Differdange-Losch from Luxembourg, they can be so familiar for Hungarian fans as from 2015 they has attended the race every year.

Why are they returning to the Tour de Hongrie year after year? Well, there are several reasons. One of them is that the club has very strong Hungarian affiliation as one of the riders of Differdange is the 2014 Hungarian national champion, Balázs Rózsa. Moreover, in their own service team we can find two more Hungarians, Gergely Liska and Ákos Haiszer. Then, we are able to mention that during a few years Krisztián Lovassy was their cyclist. He was 3rd in 2015 and 2016 in the final stage in Budapest, last stage of Tour de Hongrie.

The other reason, why Differdange-Losch cannot be missing from the teams invited to the race: Tom Thill from Luxembourg was the overall winner of the „re-born” Tour de Hongrie in 2015. By winning the yellow jersey he became part of the history of TDH.

In 2017 the Differdange reached eighty UCI Top 10 results, they could stand on the podium thirty times. With these performances the team was 48th on the UCI Europe Tour ranking list.

The Luxembourg team has started its 13th season in February – with a victory: Josh Teasdale from Great Britain won a regional Dutch race. This year sixteen cyclists wear the blue-white-black vest, beside the Hungarian Balázs Rózsa, Italian, Moldovan, British, German, Dutch and Luxembourg riders form the team. Two youngsters, Stemper and Kockelmann from Luxembourg are only eighteen years old, the two with most experience and routine, the Dutch Vermeer and Belgian Pardini are thirty-two years old.

Riders of Team Differdange-Losch:
Claudio Catania (Italian)
Ivan Centrone (Luxembourg)
Tiago Da Silva (Luxembourg)
Jelle Donders (Belgian)
Raphael Kockelmann (Luxembourg)
Olivier Pardini (Belgian)
Jan Petelin (Luxembourg)
Balázs Rózsa (Hungarian)
Maxim Rusnac (Moldovan)
Rick Stemper (Luxembourg)
Josh Teasdale (British)
Tom Thill (Luxembourg)
Larry Valvasori (Luxembourg)
Tom Vermeer (Dutch)
Kevin Verwaest (Belgian)
Laurin Winter (German)
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Maxim Rusnac must be highlighted. He is national road race and time trial champion. The Belgian Olivier Pardini is their new cyclist, in the last three years he could win three competitions. Pardini left team Veranclassic Aqua Protect in order to join Differdange-Losch.

This year Tour de Hongrie, Hungary’s biggest cycling race, will be held between 14-19 August. During the six days, by reaching ten different counties and biking 800 km 20 teams will compete, every team can enter seven riders. The event starts with a prologue in Siófok, then the route is: Balatonalmádi, Keszthely, Velence, Székesfehérvár, Cegléd, Hajdúszoboszló, Karcag, Miskolc, then the final stage in Budapest, capital city of Hungary.