Tour de Hongrie – postponed

Getting ready for october

The outbreak of coronavirus has also affected sporting events across the world, all the events are cancelled or postponed, each company or federation is facing with serious decisions has to be made. After discussing all our tasks and possibilities, we had to make the conclusion that now, under these circumstances, it is impossible to organize the Tour de Hongrie in the middle of May 2020. This was also confirmed by all our partners. For example, Police has its all energy and attention to such serious tasks and problems that we cannot expect from them to focus on the organization of a cycling race in the current period, even if it is so important for us, for the fans.

It is our common interest to reduce this state of emergency, in order to return to our normal life. According to all experts, it is required from all of us to stay at home. The staff of Vuelta Sportiroda is no exception. This means that from 16 March 2020 home office was introduced. We contact each other by email or phone. This also means that any tasks related to the organization and preparation for Tour de Hongrie (e.g. site visits, meetings) became impossible. That is the reason why we decided to postpone our race.

Based on today 's international examples of the spread and course of the virus, we will be able to restart our work, to continue the organization in two months at the earliest, however, we must be prepared for worse scenarios, too.
After taking into consideration these aspects, our aim is to find a certain new date in October for the Tour de Hongrie. In the coming days we are going to have several discussions about our chances with our partners.

As soon as we will have further information or news, we are going to publish it via our communication channels.

Until then, we wish the very best for everyone during the coming weeks.
Please do not forget: Stay at home!

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of Tour de Hongrie,
Karoly Eisenkrammer