Tour de Hongrie: 29th August to 2nd September

Start at the end of summer

Following the release of the modified UCI road calendar, it is our pleasure to announce that Hungary’s biggest cycling race, Tour de Hongrie received great date from the international federation (UCI): the 41th edition of the event can be held between 29 August – 2 September 2020. We start at the same time with the world’s legendary event, Tour de France.

According to the new date, Hungary’s most prestigious race will start at the end of summer, from 29 August (Saturday) until 2 September (Wednesday). The situation is quite positive and favorable as during this period there is no other World Tour event beside Tour de France. This means organisers are still able to reach their goal for this year – again: to invite world-class, World Tour top teams also, to attend the Hungarian race.

„Honestly, I am really happy, under this circumstances, this is truly the best date for us – said Karoly Eisenkrammer, Main Organiser of Tour de Hongrie. – At first, maybe it seems a bit strange, why it is good to start at the same time with Tour de France, but, in my opinion, it is as good for us as during the Giro d’Italia. As far as we know now, in the calendar there is no further World Tour race beside the Tour de France during this period, so we think it is possible to have World Tour teams among our participating teams in August.”

Regarding the planned route, Karoly Eisenkrammer said, they do not want to change on the original route, which was announced earlier this year, in February. The unusual race period (from Saturday to Wednesday) may requires little modifications, but not huge ones.

„We need to measure and check the order of the stages, mainly focusing on days of weekend. We will discuss the possibilities with all our partners and after this, we will decide whether to make any changes or not” – added the Main Organiser.

The original route and stages

Stage1: Debrecen–Hajdúszoboszló (174 km)
Stage2: Karcag–Nyíregyháza (182 km)
Stage3: Sárospatak–Kazincbarcika (171 km)
Stage4: Miskolc–Gyöngyös-Kékestető (178 km)
Stage5: Esztergom–Esztergom (156 km)

In the original date of Tour de Hongrie (13-17 May) organisers held a virtual competition, with the best Hungarian riders and several foreign cyclists. The unique race could be followed on the screen of Hungary’s national sports channel, M4 Sport.