Tour de Hongrie: Ahead of new perspectives

13-17 May 2020

The race got huge chance to take a step forward. The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) accepted the request of the LOC of Tour de Hongrie, so Hungary’s biggest cycling race has a great date in the 2020 UCI calendar: next year it will be held between 13-17 May. This means truly a lot, in the history of the competitiom it may be an other mile stone. In 2020 probably fans can see World Tour teams as well in Hungary.

The date of the race can be conspicuous as the Giro d’Italia will start from Budapest (Grande Partenza), capital of Hungary, on 9 May, the first three stages will be in Hungary. Then, two days later, the teams of Tour de Hongrie will continue the show.

„In the background we have been working hard for weeks in order to find the best date for our competition – said Károly Eisenkrammer, President of the TdH LOC. – There were big changes in the UCI calendar, because of Tokyo Olympics even the most famous and biggest races, such as Tour de France or Vuelta a Espana, are having unusual dates. For us two things were important: to avoid any conflicts with dates of some big races and also to take a step forward to reach our future goals.”

Aim: the Pro Series category

„Next year will be the first season of UCI’s Pro Series races. This is the new series and we hope Tour de Hongrie can be added to Pro Series races in the future. There are really serious and strict rules and regulations if a race would like to become a Pro Series competition. The first criteria is that at least fourteen World Tour or Pro Continental teams should take part in the race. With our date in May we got a huge chance to fulfill this.”

The Main Organiser also mentioned: The Giro’s Grande Partenza in Hungary has already opened several doors for Hungarian cycling and now, in the progress of Tour de Hongrie, can have big role.

„For the start of Giro d’Italia the world’s biggest and most famous teams will arrive to Hungary, with all their park tools, vans etc. After the finish in the city of Nagykanizsa, the participants of Giro will leave Hungary by plane to arrive to Sicily, however their tools, vans will stay here, in Hungary. We have been discussing with few big teams if they were competing in the Tour de Hongrie just 2 days later, because of this „technical reason”. We have received positive feedbacks, moreover UCI also considered our date as a good idea. Especially because the World Tour race, Amgen Tour of California will not be organized next year, the cancellation was announced few weeks ago.

It will be good for the whole Hungarian cycling

Károly Eisenkrammer added: Hungarian government also supported the date as this is a special and unique chance in the progress of Tour de Hongrie.

„We are really happy right now, this is not just a mile stone for us, but also determinative in the life of Hungarian cycling. Giro’s Grande Partenza is having great interest all over the world, and we will be able to show Hungary’s other parts during those days on the screens of Eurosport. If all goes well, some world-famous, top teams will attend Tour de Hongrie, too.”

The very first Tour de Hongrie was organized in 1925, then in the history there were some really hard periods, last year we were able to celebrate the 40th edition of the race. 6 days, 890 km – in numbers, at the end, this was the Tour de Hongrie in 2019. The overall winner was Latvia’s Krists Neilands, the two Hungarian young talent, Márton Dina and Attila Valter came second and third in the GC.

In Hungary M4 Sport broadcasted live the race, Eurosport did the same with the last two stages, people from 195 countries could watch HLTS about Tour de Hongrie in 2019.