Tour de Hongrie on the TV-screens worldwide

With a total tv household reach of almost 800 millions

With the help of A.S.O., communication and international media distribution partner of Tour de Hongrie, the race will reach more fans worldwide than ever before, by TV-coverages. Tour de Hongrie can be followed worldwide, in each continent, with a technical reach of 800 millions people.

We have had talks about the fact that Tour de Hongrie is not just an international cycling race, but also a country-image event, during the television broadcasts millions of people can see the beautiful landscapes, historical parts, spectacles of Hungary. Well, these are not just empty words, the following key points prove that.

The most important facts in terms of the international coverage of Tour de Hongrie:

  • On the TV-screens in 190 countries

  • Live broadcast in approximately 150 countries

  • 48 Media Rights holders worldwide

It is a huge break-through that 15 TV channels will broadcast live the stages of Tour de Hongrie.

  • Hungary: M4Sport

  • France: Eurosport France; L’Equipe TV (delayed coverage)

  • Croatia: SPTV

  • Israel: Sport5

  • Norway: TV2 Sport

  • Spain: Esport3

  • Kazakhstan: Qazsport

  • Pan-Europe (54 countries): Eurosport (final stage in Budapest only)

  • Pan Balkans (5 territories): Sport Klub

  • USA / Europe / Asia-Pacific / Australia: GCN

  • Canada: Flobikes

  • Pan South America (18 territories): Claro Sport

  • Pan Sub Saharan Africa (53 territories): Supersport

  • New Zealand: Sky Sports

2021 Tour de Hongrie will be largely covered on Eurosport channels and digital platforms. Eurosport 1 will broadcast Daily Highlights of the first four stages from 21:00 until 22:00 (CET). Each Daily Highlight will be multi-replayed the next morning (from 13th to 18th of May) from 8:30 until 11:00 CET on both Eurosport 1 & 2. Eurosport 2 will cover the final, 5th stage, live on 16 May from 13:00 to 15:00 CET.

In addition to Eurosport, further 6 broadcasters will take the 45' Daily Highlights:

  • Colombia: Senal

  • Pan Sub Saharan Africa (53 territories): Supersport

  • Japan:  J Sports (OTT)

  • Pan Asia (18 territories): Eurosport Asia

  • Australia: SBS

  • Belgium: Sport10

Finally, there will be 23 broadcasters for the 52' Final highlight program summarizing the best action from this edition. Among them some sport thematic channels such as Sport5 (Czech Republic), TRT Sport (Turkey), Olympic Channel (USA), (China), Fox Sports Asia (18 territories), and CNBC (Worldwide).

News coverages comes next. In Slovakia RTVS will broadcast everyday news shots from the event in their evening sports news magazines, in Belgium VRT will cover the race on its sport news bulletin. Additionally, there will be a worldwide news distribution through 4 News agencies : Reuters, SNTV, Eurovision (EBU) and AFPTV.

Based on the data received from A.S.O. Tour de Hongrie will reach almost 800 million households.