Tour de Hongrie on TV screens

Race can be followed worldwide

Hungary’s national sports channel, M4 Sport considers it a priority to be able to show and broadcast Tour de Hongrie at the highest possible level, as close as possible to the viewers, presenting the sights and characteristics of the route during the international sport event. This year the sports channel will air 2-hour live coverage each day about Hungary’s Tour.

Broadcast plan

12 May, Wednesday
16:00–18:00: M4SPORT (STAGE 1, LIVE)
21:00–22:00: Eurosport 1 (Stage 1, highlights)

13 May, Thursday
16:00–18:00: M4SPORT (STAGE 2, LIVE)
21:00–22:00: Eurosport 1 (Stage 2, highlights)

14 May, Friday
16:00–18:00: M4SPORT (STAGE 3, LIVE)
21:00–22:00: Eurosport 1 (Stage 3, highlights)

15 May, Saturday
16:00–18:00: M4SPORT (STAGE 4, LIVE)
21:00–22:00: Eurosport 1 (Stage 4, highlights)

16 May, Sunday
13:00–15:00: M4SPORT (STAGE 5, LIVE)
13:00–15:00: EUROSPORT2 (STAGE 5, LIVE)

17 May, Monday
21:00–22:00: Eurosport1 (Tour de Hongrie, highlights)

Both M4 Sport and Eurosport are planning multiple replays in terms of each stage, these schedules are going to be available soon.

Regarding the international coverage: with the help of our international media partner, A.S.O., Tour de Hongrie can be followed worldwide, along with „such prestigious company”: one of the world’s biggest and most popular Grand Tours, Giro d’Italia departs on 8 May. Eurosport will broadcast 45-min-highlights about each race day in Europe and Asia-Oceania, with two replays. Fans will be able to follow Tour de Hongrie all around the world, in more than 150 countries in 2021.