Stage 3, 13 May 2022, Friday
Sárospatak–Nyíregyháza (154 km)

Start: 14:20, Sárospatak, Eötvös road
Estimated finish: 17:45, Nyíregyháza, Bocskai street
TV (in Hungary): M4Sport (live), Eurosport1 (20:00 – highlights)

Third stage of Tour de Hongrie will depart on Friday, 13 May from Sárospatak. Peloton travels towards west in order to reach the only GPM of the day, then crosses Lake Tisza at Tokaj to arrive to Nyíregyháza, Kossuth square, where the finish takes place. The 154-km stage will be mostly flat, with just few hills at the beginning, two intermediate sprints and one GPM await the teams.

Sárospatak joined Tour de Hongrie in 2020. Earlier the city was part of the route, but the prestigious culture and education centre of northern Hungary, hosted a stage-start for the first time only two years ago. The city in the Bodrog river valley, with its historical sights will provide worty and spectacular background for the start of stage 3 of the international cycling race.

János Aros,
Mayor of Sárospatak


Nyíregyháza has hosted Tour start or finish six times so far. Two years ago Italy’s Mareczko won the sprint at Kossuth square, however, until the previous moment we must go back in time quite a lot, almost a quarter-century: the peloton of Tour de Hongrie visited Nyíregyháza in 1955, after the change of regime Russia’s Sergey Ivanov could wear the special jersey of the best. The very first stage-winner of Nyíregyháza was also someone special: in 1994 Danilo Hondo won here, who won track world championships and on road he took two Giro d’Italia stage-wins.

Dr. Ferenc Kovács,
Mayor of Nyíregyháza